Abuse of visitors’ parking by residents – an instant solution

Instant solution - security bollards to stop errant parking

Security bollards at Meriton's Sienna by the Bay at Rhodes

Residents abusing visitors’ parking bays is a problem experienced by occupants of most apartment blocks in major towns and cities where valuable parking space is scarce.

Some residents who have more cars than their allocated number of parking bays go as far as deliberately parking in visitors’ parking bays in priority of their own just to secure additional parking spaces at the expense of legitimate visitors to the premises. These residents are not only inconsiderate, they are also blatantly flouting By-laws by their indifferent and selfish behaviour. Many Owners’ Corporation of apartment blocks resolve to various forms of enforcement in trying to curb and minimise errant parking by residents. These actions range from issuing warnings to drastic measures such as towing away the vehicles of errant parkers.

However, the most effective measure to curb abuse of visitors’ parking is to install security bollards for each parking bay. Depending on the number of apartments within a residential block, this method is effective because it addresses the root of the problem by preventing illegitimate parking in the first place. Newer apartment blocks are now resorting to this measure as it sends a clear message to residents about zero-tolerance for errant parkers. Residents who require the use of visitor’s parking for their friends and visitors can book for the parking ahead of time through the caretaker, security guards or building manager on duty at the premises.

The Sienna by the Bay apartments in Rhodes which were developed by Meriton have recently implemented this system in response to constant errant parking by residents who choose to ignore By-laws and abuse visitor’s parking. This is another example of strong management and maintenance standards being upheld by the management of Meriton apartments to ensure the quality and upkeep of the Sienna apartments are maintained.

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