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Ron Forlee - Australian Residential Property Development

For any budding residential property developer, I cannot recommend more highly Ron Forlee excellent book on the subject. Among the key topics covered in his book include:

  • Understanding the residential property market and development process
  • Getting the best professional advice
  • Site selection and purchase
  • Maximising your profit
  • Sourcing the best development finance
  • Taxes and tax planning
  • Authorities, approvals and rezoning
  • Planning, design and cost control
  • Marketing and selling
Ron Forlee

Ron Forlee

Ron Forlee graduated as an architect from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa before immigrating to Australia in 1983. Established his own design and property development consultancy called Archiplan Pty Ltd in Perth whilst still maintaining an interest in South Africa.

Over the past 30 years Ron has been involved in all facets of architecture from design to on-site supervision, and managing his own property developments.

Projects have ranged from housing to larger commercial buildings such as shopping centres, office blocks and tourism developments both in Australia, South Africa and China.

Being an expert in the field of property development, Ron has written and published three books, two on property development and the other building construction and has delivered a number of papers at seminars on the subject of his pet interest.

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