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How to justify rent increase – simple tips

One of many simple ways to justify charging higher rent is to identify small improvements which will make a big difference to your tenant’s comfort. Recently, I decided to upgrade the tapware, toilets, cooktop, rangehood and dishwasher in my lower North shore apartment which were the originals from 25 years ago. The tapware consists of […]

How to maintain happy tenants

One of my favourite properties in my portfolio is a 1 bedroom courtyard unit in Rhodes. It has a total area of 85sqm which includes a good size, north facing courtyard of 20sqm. The compelling strengths of this property are as follows: Guiding Principle Compelling strengths: 1 bedroom apartment at Sienna by the bay, 2 […]

“What type of property to buy?”

The type of real estate may consist of vacant land, residential property which may include houses, apartments, commercial property and industrial property. The main factors which influence and determining the type of residential property to buy include the following: a) Budget ~ houses are generally more expensive than apartments b) Personal circumstances ~families will generally […]

“When do I get into the property market?”

One of the most important principle to remember when investing in property, is to take a long term view of at least 5 years. When to buy is far less important than actually buying, a common situation where investors procrastinate for the market to fall in order to find a bargain. During a soft market, […]

“Why do I need to buy a property?”

Owning a home or to use one of the most common cliché “to have a roof over one’s head” goes back to the notion of fulfilling the most basic of one’s need and livelihood. To most families, working towards eventual home ownership provides a sense of purpose, belonging, physical security and well-being. To others, getting […]

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