Avondale vs Ironbark, Pymble

Comparative analysis

~ Ironbark, Pymble vs Avondale, Pymble






Glenside Group





2 – 12 Avon Road, Pymble

2 – 6 Clysdale Place, Pymble

Proximity to train station

50m to Pymble train station

500m to Pymble train station

No. of units

168 units set over 5 buildings

34 units




Quality of finishes and inclusions

Not available here

(Please refer to Schedule of Finishes)


1 bedroom

2 bedroom 1 bathroom

2 bedroom 2 bathroom

3 bedroom 2 bathroom

From $415k

From $520k

From $578k

From $739k

From $460k

Not applicable


From $750k

**Average price per sqm for 2 bedder

$5,400 per sqm

$5,600 per sqm

Estimated completion date

Stage 1: September 2010

Stage 2 – April 2011

December 2009

*Prices are compiled based on publicly available information from real estate and developers’ websites at time of analysis. Prices are subject to subsequent change.

**Based on Asking price of typical unit divided by total internal and external living areas only (does not include car park and storage space). Please note average price may differ significantly for different apartments within same development.

Firstly, it is important to note that Pacific highway which meanders all the way north to Newcastle from North Sydney is built on a ridge which slopes down towards the west. Both developments in Pymble are located on the west side of Pacific highway. Therefore, the favoured north and north-east aspects may experience traffic noise from the highway. Avondale’s development is sandwiched between Pacific highway on the north & east and the train line on the south & west.

The location of Meriton’s development being directly opposite Pymble train station takes the nod over Avondale. It is important to note Meriton’s development is a horse-shoe shape built around 2 private houses and is sloping down towards the west. In addition, all traffic from Clysdale Place can only turn left onto Pacific Highway.


Some of Meriton’s 2 bedroom units have 1.5 bathrooms, ie a second toilet with wash basin at prices which are slightly less than the 2 bedroom units with 2 bathrooms. I believe this is a good floorplan for buyers such as young couples who may not need or fully utilise a second bathroom but will have a powder room for guests whilst keeping the main bathroom for their sole private use.

A key attraction for Pymble is that certain areas are very green, leafy and quiet. Having an address in Pymble gives access to some of north shore’s top schools such as PLC, Barker’s College, Ravenswood and Knox Grammar to name a few.


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