Citi 1 Apartments, Wollongong, New South Wales



Wollongong - the seaside city

Wollongong - the seaside city


Citi 1 Apartments are located at 11 – 15 Atchison street right in the heart of Wollongong city with strong investment propositions:

  • Close proximity to public amenities, transport, cafes and restaurants precinct
  • Reputation and strong track record of developer
  • Capital growth and investment yields
  • Appeal to both owner-occupiers and tenants

Register your interest and get a FREE 15-page independent Wollongong Location Report which details the following:

  • Location review – history, climate, proximity to public amenities and major entertainment hubs
  • Demographics – age, incomes, profession, type of housing, property ownership ratios
  • Hyperlinks – instantaneous links to schools, council, hospitals, emergency services, real estate agents and Google maps
  • Key investment propositions – what makes this location a strong investment proposition?
  • Comparative analysis – median price, growth and rental rates of 12 surrounding suburbs in Wollongong

Secure an apartment with a $5,000 deposit and settle upon completion in 2012.

Contact Albert Wong on + 61 (0) 413 660909 for more information.

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