“The mother of all evil is speculation” – Gordon Gekko, Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps

Our Location Reports have helped our clients buy the right property in the right location at the right time and at the right price.

These reports take into consideration your specific circumstances and cover important aspects of an investment proposition:

Location report ($15.00 inclusive of GST) .
Interactive PDF with hyperlinks to councils, schools, hospitals, major businesses and Google maps links for ease of research:


  • Location overview
  • Resident profile
  • Public amenities and future plans
  • Major local attractions
  • Preferred areas within suburb to buy
  • Preferred type of property to buy
  • Median prices, rental and capital growth rates
  • .
    Location Reports are current and use structured research methodology. Download FREE sample copy of Location Report in PDF
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    Sample Copy Chatswood Altura & Epica apartments

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