Macquarie Telecom announces $60 million North Ryde data centre

Investment guide to three evolving sydney suburbs (cover) The announcement two days ago that telecommunications hosting giant Macquarie Telecom plans to construct a new $60 million data centre facility in Sydney’s North Ryde after securing a land deal for $10.8 million further exemplifies the evolving facade of North Ryde.

In response to the changing environment of these three suburbs, we have updated this 21-page report to cover key investment propositions for residential property investors. Such factors include the increasingly blurring gap between commercial, retail and residential developments and how investors are taking advantage of mixed-used developments where increased conveniences and public amenities means more quality time for the family. New transport links are also creating strategic investment opportunities which are not immediately obvious.

Savvy investors recognise the increasingly competitive tenant market (notwithstanding record low vacancy rates in certain popular suburbs) and how extra amenities and the growing need to be closer to our workplace is changing the way we think about property investment. In response to this changing trend, I have also written a post about investment strategies to tap the benefits of mixed-used developments which is becoming a stronger trend, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne.

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