Why overseas investors are attracted to Australian real estate?

Sydney Opera House by dusk

Sydney Opera house and harbour bridge by dusk

Today, savvy investors take a global view of business opportunities because they understand the best opportunities may lie beyond their own shores.

Due to its historic origins, investors from the UK have sought out Australia as an investment safe haven. In recent times, there is an increasing number of Asian investors who are realising the favourable attributes of investing in Australia:

Transparency of government and political stability

Australia advocates democracy in its political system and is among one of the world’s most stable economies.

Strong economic fundamentals and financial system

Australia’s economic credentials is based upon strong economic management by the government, a well-regulated financial system and highly skilled labour force. As a result, Australia has recorded 15 consecutive years of continuous economic growth from the mid 1990s and enjoys a very high standard of living.

Rule of law

Australia has an established legal system with a strong advocacy for consumer protection. Rules apply to foreign investors.

Multiculturalism and lifestyle

Australia enjoys one of the most attractive lifestyles in the world due to its climate, established and well-maintained public amenities such as schools, hospitals and transport systems. As a result, it has attracted migrants from diverse cultural and ethnic origins to form a tolerant and multicultural society.

Proven capital growth in real estate

Australia’s real estate has experienced strong capital growth due to its established urban infrastructure and facilities, moderate climate and the natural beauty of its coastal landscapes.

Housing Affordability

Australian real estate is competitive compared to many developed countries. Its close proximity to the developing economies of Asia has seen strong foreign investments into its residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

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