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Property Bloom - Nurturing & Growing Property Investments

After buying her family home on Sydney’s northern beaches and watching in awe as the value Joanna Chivers grew, Joanna Chivers was amazed at how much money was being made by just sitting back and waiting for capital appreciation. She was convinced that taking action and being proactive in “manufacturing” equity, the returns would be even bigger and hence, Property Bloom was born.

Clearly a very capable entrepreneur, Joanna built a multi-million dollar property investment portfolio in between having two gorgeous sons. She found that investment yields and capital growth were far superior if one renovate and develop but found the Sydney market to be far too expensive. Her research took her to the more affordable Hunter region and where she set up her property development project management business in 2001.

Property Bloom has been featured in various newspapers and Joanna has written regularly for Your Investment Property magazine and presented in seminars and workshops.

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