The latest Special Reports focus on affordability for first home buyers in the Sydney and Melbourne markets. They are designed to assist first home buyers and investors to buy well in the current market where general house prices have already surged by up to 15% over the last 15 months.

The purpose of the reports is to provide investors with an objective view of locations and suburbs and to examine key investment propositions. All reports and investment guides are independent of any properties which may be listed on this site from time to time.

Reports are in interactive Portable Document Format (PDF) with the following features:

  • Useful hyperlinks to local councils, schools, hospitals, businesses
  • Google map hyperlinks for ease of reference and research
  • Public amenities, transport links and more
  • Local attractions
  • What councils are planning for the future
  • Should you be investing in these suburbs
  • Best areas to invest in each suburb
  • Streets to avoid
  • Median prices, rental yields and capital growth rates
Gladstone – new LNG hub of Queensland ($15.00 inclusive GST)
The BG Group’s $15 billion coal seam gas project is well underway and the  city of Gladstone is bracing itself for an influx of workers over the next few years. This project is only one out of a total of up to 16 multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects totalling $66 billion to supply Liquefied Natural Gas to the world over the next 15 – 20 years.

This 12-page report outlines the key projects and its impact on Gladstone together with an analysis of median house prices, historic capital growth and rental rates of 14 surrounding suburbs around Gladstone.

Gladstone - new LNG hub of Queensland - cover only
Wollongong – Gateway to the South Coast of New South Wales ($20.00 inclusive GST)
Due to the rising price of Sydney’s real estate, the close proximity of Wollongong offers relatively affordable housing where the median house price is $500,000 compared to Sydney’s $635,000.  Wollongong has stretches of long sandy beaches running the length of its eastern fringes and also boasts a reputable learning institution in the University of Wollongong.Nestled halfway between the attractions of the South Coast and the big Sydney capital city makes Wollongong an intriguing investment prospect that gets the best of both worlds. This 15-page report examines the key investment propositions for Wollongong and also reviews the price, rental returns and capital growth history of 12 of its surrounding suburbs.

wollongong - gateway to the south coast of new south wales - cover only-001
Orange – The sweet heart of New South Wales ($25.00 inclusive GST)
Orange has recently received its fair share of media coverage as a future regional business hub in the Central West of New South Wales. This 27-page report is jam-packed with information that includes:
Demographics – population, household income, jobs, resident profiles
Key Investment Propositions – why should investors consider Orange?
Median home prices – growth rates, rentals and yields
Key industries – gold mining, healthcare, education, tourism and agriculture
Booming businesses – hospitality and wine making
Interview with Stephen Sykes, Chairman Evocities – why Orange is a great place to live
100 URL hyperlinks to employment agencies, schools, council, hospitals and more
EXTRA: Research spreadsheets of demographics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

orange - the sweet heat of new south wales - cover page only-001
Top 5 Melbourne suburbs for houses under $700,000 ($15.00 inclusive GST)
Melbourne has been the strongest market in Australia over the last 15 months. Properties in some suburbs have experienced double digit growth due to a combination of factors. This 23-page report identifies those affordable suburbs in locations with a strong history of capital growth and good prospects for future capital gains.

Top 5 Melbourne $700k cover page
Top 5 Melbourne suburbs for houses under $500,000 ($15.00 inclusive GST)
As a result of strong growth in tier-1 suburbs, some suburbs which are more affordable with great public amenities have been ignored. Don’t get run over by the elephants when you have your eyes on the tiger. This 18-page report identifies these elusive suburbs.

Top 5 Melbourne suburbs for houses under $500k
Top 3 Melbourne suburbs for houses under $400,000 ($15.00 inclusive GST)
We all aspire to live in choice inner city suburbs. The reality is not everyone can afford it especially during times when prices have already surged. This report identifies 3 suburbs for first home buyers and investors who want affordability with strong capital growth potential.

Top 4 undervalued  Sydney suburbs ($15.00 inclusive GST)
The winding back of the First Home Owners Grant has once again hampered affordability in Sydney.  The strong resurgence of price growth over the last 15 months has compounded the difficulty for first home buyers. This report is to help first home buyers to get into the market in undervalued suburbs with strong upside for future capital gains. Check out the best streets within bargain suburbs!

Top 4 Sydney undervalued cover page
Three affordable Sydney suburbs for houses under $700,000 ($15.00 inclusive GST)
Whilst aspiring to be in popular suburbs around Sydney, many home buyers and investors overlook 3 suburbs for landed property which are all within 15km to the CBD with public transport links and best of all, most are still relatively affordable. This 14-page report identifies factors which show that these 3 Sydney suburbs are poised to command higher more attention within the next 2 years.

three affordable sydney suburbs cover page-001
Top 5 Sydney No-go zones ($15.00 inclusive GST)
Mixed messages in the media and rising prices in Sydney has made some investors feel they need to get into the market at any cost. Buying in haste increases the risk of getting into areas that will set you back tens of thousands in lost capital growth each year, let alone having to service a crippling mortgage. Don’t let this happen to you!!

Top 5 Sydney no-go zones cover page
How To Buy Your First Home ($15.00 inclusive GST)
This 22-page guide provides first home buyers with all the essential steps towards owning a first home – why do you need to buy a property, research and due diligence, success principles of buying, getting finance approval, how to find a competent solicitor, exchanging contracts, pre-settlement inspections, final settlements and common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

Investment Guide to Three evolving Sydney suburbs ($20.00 inclusive GST).
What is an “evolving” suburb? Find out about key gentrification factors, public amenities, council planning, best streets to invest and areas to avoid, median prices, yields and growth rates, photograph illustrations and more. This 21-page report has over 40 URL hyperlinks and Google map links to councils, schools, hospitals, businesses for easy referencing and research.

Investment guide to three evolving sydney suburbs (cover)

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