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Stuart Zadel - author Think & Grow Rich seriesStuart Zadel

Stuart Zadel is a sought-after speaker on developing leadership, sales success, health and peak performance and building championship teams. For many years, he’s been sharing the powerful secrets of how to use your mind to manifest new improved results in your personal and professional life.

I first met Stuart when I attended one of the Think & Grow Rich seminars which opened up my mind about property investment. The successful property investor does a lot more than picking the right property to buy and wait for capital gains which may or may not eventuate. I have personally benefited from a host of experts whom I have learnt new techniques for creating wealth through property. The invaluable advice helped me create this blog in 2009 where I have documented research techniques, investment strategies, getting finance approval and ultimately taking that crucial step in securing the right properties in the right location at the right time and at the right price. Hindsight is always easy but my renewed foray into the property markets over the last two years have significantly increased wealth for both my clients and myself.

As an avid student of the subconscious mind, Stuart has featured on national television and in major newspapers and has worked with many of Australia’s leading companies, entrepreneurs and management teams in a variety of fields including business, hospitality, finance, direct sales and real estate. He is the author of ‘Think and Grow Rich Cashflow‘ and also ‘Think and Grow Rich in Property‘ as well as the co-author of three separate books on Sales and Leadership and Public Speaking.

He first got a glimpse of the secret powers of success as a teenager when he was introduced to such classic books as; As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, Acres of Diamonds by Dr. Russell Conwell, and of course, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Although containing good basic information, these original ‘public domain’ books were written so long ago they missed critical new discoveries. Through years of trial and error Stuart has overcome their short comings and developed his own systems that helped to build and run a successful health and fitness club for 11 years, to travel the world several times, to compete at elite level sports, to achieve a 2nd Dan black belt in martial arts, to become a professional speaker and best-selling author several times over, as well as reach many personal goals, including generating a huge passive cashflow.

Stuart’s systems prove one can truly ‘think and grow rich’, and so when he decided to start this company and registered its trademark, he called it just that, Think & Grow Rich. Not to be confused with the original ‘public domain’ book title, Stuart Zadel’s trademark Think & Grow Rich seminars teach people new thinking and strategies in property, internet, business and shares to manifest profitable new results.

To supplement ‘specialised knowledge’ which the book calls for but did not provide since it was written so many decades ago, Stuart has lined up a plethora of people who have achieved immense success and wealth by adopting a mental attitude that is built to strive for and achieve peak performance and outstanding results. These successful people are driven by a burning desire to fulfil a purpose which they can truly identify to be their life goals. And it is the journey towards success that has built these people to be “bigger” in their perspectives in life and their contribution have changed thousands of lives for the better. Among these people, I have chosen Cherie Barber‘s strategy which suits me best personally. It could be a different strategy for you as each of us have our preferred strategy to create wealth.

Cherie Barber is a full-time professional renovator and highly sought after public speaker. In 2001, Cherie threw in her full-time marketing job at the end of her first renovation, which saw her earn more money on the weekends renovating than her full-time employment.

In 2009, she established Renovating For Profit, a company designed to teach everyday Australian’s the nuts and bolts of renovation as a profession. She now juggles full-time renovating with her national public speaking and business commitments and believes that once you have the right knowledge, anyone can do this!

I have personally implemented her strategies to increase wealth for myself and my clients over the last two years through the first step of securing the right properties for this particular purpose.

Cherie Barber

Cherie Barber

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Think & Grow Rich in Property

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