Subdivision of land – Documents you need

This guide sets out the documents required for submitting a subdivision of land in the state of Victoria persuant to the Subdivision Act 1988.

A Subdivision Act plan is identified by the ‘PS’ prefix and in the plan number located at the top right of the plan.

Documents you need:

  1. Plan of subdivision – This plan must be prepared on heavyweight paper and signed by a registered land surveyor and certified by the local council.
  2. A transparency for each sheet of the Plan – This is a requirement of local council and the Plan or transparencies which are creased or damaged will not be accepted by the council.
  3. Land surveyor’s report – This document is mandatory for all subdivision plans including non-survey plans.
  4. Abstract of field records – This document must be provided if the Plan is based on a survey. If you do not have this document, you will need to supply a reference to its location in Land Victoria.
  5. Application (Form 10) – The application can be purchased from Land Victoria and should be typed or legibly written in ink. The use of self-correcting typewriter ribbon or correction fluid is not permitted. The back of the form must not be used and any order to register or consent of mortgagee should be endorsed on the front of the application or on a separate A4 size paper.
  6. Certificate of title – Not a photocopy, which may be:

a) in your possession

b) already lodged at Land Victoria in a current dealing. In this case if another party has produced the certificate of title they must endorse and sign as ‘order to register’ at the bottom of the PC form, or

c) held by a financial institution, solicitor or other party

who will endorse an ‘order to register and issuing instructions’ at the bottom of the PC form and make the certificate of title available at Land Victoria to enable you to lodge your plan. In most cases, the party making the certificate available will charge a fee.

You must ensure the certificate of title has been made available BEFORE attempting to lodge the Plan of subdivision.

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